Promoting Diversity and Inclusiveness in ELT

Education is the fundamental right of all human beings which can only be practiced in an accepting environment. In recent years, we have all become more aware of the need to recognize, listen to and respect all students, and many of us have taken steps to promote inclusive and respectful content, but may still be unsure when it comes to addressing and welcoming members of the LGBTQI community. Vital elements in achieving this include the correct and respectful use of terminology, awareness of the diversity in one’s environment and the integration of such content in ELT materials and teaching practice.

ACE TEFL is committed to supporting equal opportunity and diversity and to taking positive action to promote equality of opportunity and diversity in employment and education. Join us for this special free online event on September 21st, in which Katherine Reilly, well-known author and teacher educator, will discuss ways to further develop teachers’ own awareness of the LGBTQI spectrum and demonstrate how you can create an inclusive and diverse ELT environment for colleagues and students alike.

For more info, please visit:

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