Throughout my educational career, I have been teaching English to learners of all ages and levels, while also contributing to the development of EFL material with various publishers both in Greece and abroad. As for my own publications, I have written the children’s book trilogy “The Adventures of Ben & Friday”, my guidebook “The Road to Femininity”, and my most recent novel “I Can’t Love You”.

In the capacity of Teacher Trainer, I have devoted my experience and knowledge to the training of English Language Teachers in the fields of ELT and ICT.

As a native speaker from Chicago Illinois, I am an oral examiner for the majority of Universities and Colleges which certify candidates in the use of the English Language in all levels according to the CEFR.

As regards equal rights, I give speeches about diversity and inclusiveness while contributing to the education of impoverished children as an English and Greek Language Teacher.

Finally, as a TEDx Speaker and Trainer, I have organized Ted-Ed clubs, using my experience to motivate, inspire and assist students in reaching their true potential.