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One of the greatest joys of teaching is witnessing your own kids develop their talents and personalities. In this section I’ll be sharing with you, some of their projects. Be mindful, you might find a few mistakes here and there, however, they’re young learners of a foreign language and must be commended for their efforts.

The Mark of a New Generation

by Sotiria Z. (Tuesday, 24th June 2019)

Helena Lopes from Pexels

Photo – Helena Lopes (Pexels)

In any discussion about the future, one will encounter both pessimistic and optimistic views. Pessimists will say that we are doomed. On the contrary, I firmly believe that my generation will not be any better, nor worse.

It would not be unreasonable to support that during the next few years, we will be overwhelmed with climate change and advanced technology. Considering that climate change is a serious issue today, I cannot imagine what will happen in the next few years. Furthermore, technology today is used every day for our own convenience without any danger, but scientists have said that in eight years from now, technology will be much more advanced, as robots and complicated machines will replace humans in different working places to name a few examples.

The most important qualities of my generation are our critical thinking, determination and creativity. These are the reasons why I believe that we will overcome most issues. Determination is the reason we will not stop trying and critical thinking in conjunction with a bit of creativity, will help us find the best solution possible.

Taking everything into consideration, climate change and advanced technology may sound difficult to deal with, but I rely on my generation’s abilities and I have faith in them. We will solve every problem which will get in our way.


The Cultural Gap

by Joanna F. (Tuesday 22nd May 2018)


Nowadays, society has proven that with modern evolution, people can change the world. However, due to this evolution there is a huge cultural gap between generations and traditions that come into conflict with deeply ingrained notions of the past.

To begin with, phones, computers and other electronic devices in general, have come into our lives and changed the way we think and comfort ourselves. This is something that only new generations can comprehend. Due to this matter, elderly individuals sometimes reproach this new development and cannot be part of it. One good idea would be to recommend the local community to build special facilities such as educational institutions where they can be trained by I.T. teachers. By doing this, not only will they be able to use technological devices, but they will also stop depreciating it.

Furthermore, another major problem is traditions and customs. Adolescents these days seem to know nothing about them, either because they are not interested in doing so, or because their families do not follow them anymore. Additionally, traditions have changed a lot, considering the past and that sometimes brings confrontation between adults and young individuals. This is when the elderly can help. Grandchildren can go to their grandparents and question them about old customs that used to apply back then.

Taking everything into consideration, I think that to bring generations to a mutual understanding, communication and knowledge exchange would be the ideal solution. What people should do, is to try to learn the new ideals and beliefs of society, so that they can integrate them in their lives harmoniously.

You Are What You Eat…

by Keida M. (Wednesday 16th May 2018)


Humanity is usually divided when it comes down to what we consume. Vegetables, meat, dairy products are all options, however, what each and every one of us consumes is strictly our own personal prerogative. Below, we will explore how vital vegetarianism or consuming meat can be for several factors with contrasting views.

Research conducted has shown that a significant portion of the population in advanced countries that does not follow a vegetarian lifestyle can have a detrimental contribution to starvation in these societies, as a large amount of cereal crops can be used, not to breed animals but to supply people with food. This can result in several environmental issues such as the increase in greenhouse gases and the usage of aqua replies.

Moreover, it has been both scientifically and archaeologically proven that ever since pre-historic times, mankind would ingest meat, which brought about the aptness of the mind and brain development. We can unequivocally claim that consuming meat is the norm. We cannot deny that both parties’ eating habits can bring some very desirable effects, not only to one’s health, but also to an environmental extent. There is no doubt in my mind though, that devouring a well-cooked piece of meat is irreplaceable.

All things considered, the topic about whether consuming meat is beneficial, should be reassessed as we cannot deny that we humans are omnivores and that meat is essential to our health.


Freedom and Independence

by Anna K. (Wednesday 2nd May 2018)


Recently, there has been a great deal of controversy over the important values of life. More and more people tend to believe that security would be of the utmost importance due to escalating wars and the rapid climax of terrorism. Nevertheless, the opponents of this view maintain that freedom and independence should be the deciding factor of people’s notions and way of thinking. I firmly believe that having freedom and independence is much more crucial.

Initially, under no circumstances should people underestimate and disregard the fact that many people have struggled and dedicated their own lives to earn the right to freedom. As a matter of fact, Nelson Mandela once said, “For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.” Thus, why are people not thrilled about such an enormous attempt and why do they disdain the right and value of freedom?

Undoubtedly, freedom of speech and opinion is much more important than security, due to the fact that the ‘boon’ of expressing your personality and personal identity may conclude in having a healthy and delightful life.

It must be conceded, however, that people should be protected and have security, because more and more of them live in fear and are insecure about their life and as a repercussion, are not actually free. Notwithstanding, being free includes being secured, but having security does not lead to independence.

Thus, people should not deprive other’s freedom, but to respect and appreciate the rights and values in life. Moreover, people should consciously strive for their freedom with the aim of expressing their meaning in life.


The Benefits and Turmoils of Credit Card Use

by Mary M. (Wednesday 24th April 2018)


Every now and then, a variety of researches demonstrate the increasement which is discerned about the number of residents who use credit cards. Nowadays, credit cards are known as the possession of a human being. I am inclined to believe that credit cards’ creation is the appropriate way to make our transactions today.

To begin with, the main advantage of buying on credit is that it is convenient and easy to use. There is no need to go to the banker your nearest ATM for a withdrawal every other day. Money is at the ready, just be keeping your credit card in your wallet, as almost every store or business accepts them nowadays.

Furthermore, in recent years, people from all walks of life resort to tax evasion. It has been observed that the majority of people deceive the government by introducing themselves as thrifty citizens, who do not have the tendency to spend a lot of money. In addition, there are cases where entrepreneurs buy off their customers. Specifically, there is a prevalence of negotiation, in which the owner does not give a receipt, which in turn benefits the customer by fifty percent of his shopping. It is a common situation observed in society today. However, thanks to the presence of credit cards, this phenomenon is not witnessed as much.

It must be conceded, however, that credit cards have some notable limitations as well. More and more people are skeptical about the fact that there is no privacy in credit card use. Your personal information can be stolen, be it your credit card number or a statement with all your personal details. Using this information, they can pretend to be you, and charge your card for purchases you have never made.

All things considered, when exercised with caution, the credit card can be constituted as a really helpful and salutary invention. Therefore, the proper qualifications are essential in making humanity even better.


Taking a Gap Year

by George G. (Sunday 15th April 2018)


Taking a gap year before moving on to important kinds of education, like university or college, has become a widely spread choice among the youth for various reasons, depending on the individual’s point of view, whether they want to explore the world by travelling or take advantage of their time and gain work experience.

To begin with, taking a gap year gives the individual time to travel abroad, visit other countries they are interested in, get a chance to explore their culture, history, cuisine, enrich their knowledge and broaden their horizons. What’s more, they can meet the residents and gain insights into their habits and way of life. All these can be fundamental factors towards defeating racism and stereotypes.

Additionally, a good alternative including traveling abroad is volunteerism, which is a combination of travelling and at the same moment, volunteering in the particular country. Others see gapping as a chance to relax, take a break from the tiring school routine and in the meanwhile look for a part-time job to get a first idea of how it is to be in the job market.

However, there are significant disadvantages when it comes to gapping. There is a danger that one might not wish to continue their education when the year is over, due to the fact that they may have found a job to support themselves and consider college/university a waste of time. What’s more, they will have probably forgot the basic knowledge to continue to more advanced levels of education after all that time. Furthermore, potential employees might reject them if they learn that they travel the world instead of carrying on with their education.

All in all, although gapping can be beneficial to our calmness and relaxation, sometimes it deprives us of great work chances and experience.


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