As an Author, I have written social study and children’s books. In the near future, I’ll have a new novel coming out. Below, you’ll find the links with more info about them.


Volume I of ‘The Adventures of Ben & Friday’

Ben & Friday Go to the Moon

Ben & Friday Go to the Moon

Book Description: “Ben isn’t any ordinary 9-year-old boy. He goes to school like every other child his age, reads comics, plays computer games, loves collecting just about anything, but what makes him different is not his stature, nor his walking cane. He has a friend… a friend named Friday, and together they’ll be going on an adventure of a lifetime!”


Volume II of ‘The Adventures of Ben & Friday’

Ben & Friday Race to the Rescue


Book Description:Our heroes’ adventures continue! Four years have passed since Ben first met Friday. They have witnessed remarkable events on their journeys and have forged a dear friendship. However, Friday’s past is coming to haunt her and Ben must find the strength to help his friend before it’s too late.”


Volume III of ‘The Adventures of Ben & Friday’

Ben & Friday Save the Universe

The Third and Final Volume of the Adventures of Ben & Friday will be available in March 2018. Final Cover soon available…


Book Description: “Eight years have passed since Ben met Friday. They have traveled the stars and matured during their adventures. Now the time has come to put their courage to the test, as they both must find the strength to stop the evil tyrant Vendall once and for all. Can our heroes manage to do so, or is it already too late?”


‘I Can’t Love You’

In late 2018 my Novel ‘I Can’t Love You’ will also be available for purchase.

(Not final Cover)

I Can't Love You
I Can’t Love You

Book Description: “Love. Such a simple word. Why has humanity done such a great job at messing it up? The pursuit of love is everyone’s goal in life. Some find it, while others don’t. Is Nadia one of the lucky ones? This book follows the everyday struggles of a Chicago born girl who has spent her entire life balancing between a career and the search of the ‘One True Love of her Life’.”


2nd Edition of ‘The Road to Femininity’

The Road to Femininity
A New Life For a New Woman

Book Description: “The road to being a woman has never been easy. Even though society has changed over the years, humanity still has a long way to go… This book highlights most of my experience on a path of rediscovery. What does it mean to be a woman? Does gender dictate who we really are? Is beauty only skin deep?  The journey to the life you have always desired is difficult but not impossible. Just stay true to yourself and remember… This is YOUR LIFE!”


I would like to thank my dear readers for all their love and support.

Wish you all the best!