Rote Learning vs Critical Thinking – Memory or Intelligence?


by Katherine Reilly

Throughout history, numerous methods of teaching have been adopted in class; the most controversial of which, ‘Rote Learning’. Why is this method of teaching despised by modern educators? Does it have any merits? Should it be abolished completely? Below, we will examine the aspects of this teaching method as well as evaluate the benefits of modern teaching techniques such as the development of critical thinking.

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Steampunk, Reminiscence and Victorian Love

by Katherine Reilly

Are you a Victorian-era enthusiast? Do you feel overwhelmed when coming across inventions which are out of the ordinary? How about a sense of dress, which is inspired by a romantic era of history, albeit at the same time heavily influenced by technological advancements and elements of science fiction? Caught your attention yet?

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The Basics on ‘Content and Language Integrated Learning’

by Katherine Reilly

‘Content and Language Integrated Learning’ or CLIL for short, is an approach for learning content through an additional language, thus teaching both the subject and the language at the same time. To be more specific, any subjects like physics, geography, history or even life skills learned in a classroom context, can be taught in a foreign language.

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