Speaker for the TEFL Development HUB

English Language Teaching (ELT) has made tremendous strides through the ages and this is also reflected in the corresponding materials offered to us by publishers. It has been proven, however, that relying solely on the curriculum resources handed to us, is in no way a sufficient approach to meeting the demands of a linguistically diverse audience. Prospective educators and experienced ones alike, must also bear in mind the cultural diversity as well as the special educational needs of students. The implications of failing to do so will be examined through educational scenarios, evaluating strategies to properly accommodate, enhance and facilitate said materials to the ELT learning environment.

Educational Scenarios Kapodistriako

A huge thank you to the Kapodistrian University of Athens and the students who attended our Academic Lecture. Kindly find attached two Educational Scenarios of a B2 level and a Pre-A1. The teaching context to be produced must focus on the needs and abilities of the individual students. The materials offered are to be used strictly for this assignment and cannot be reproduced without the consent of the author.

Based on the materials, please submit your research in a word file with your name as the filename (e.g. Katherine.Reilly.docx). Email to: katherinereilly1@yahoo.com The lesson delivery must be an estimated 50 minutes incorporating the content offered. Good luck!

Educational Scenario 1 (B2 Level):

Educational Scenario 2 (Pre-A1 Level):