Katherine Reilly ELT Influencer of 2022

The pathway to success is without a doubt dependent on the trust and support we receive from our collaborators. Success alone is pointless if not attributed to those who have believed in my potential and contributed to both my professional as well as personal growth. It goes without saying that I owe a great debt of gratitude to my beloved Anastasia Spyropoulou who welcomed me to the Forum ELT NEWS and supported me in my every step. I would like to express my gratitude to Express Publishing and Ms Jenny Dooley for trusting me with a major project which will soon see the light of day. Evangelia Inglezaki and our students who have literally embraced and motivated me to surpass myself as an educator. Of course, you the teachers who have dedicated your precious time to attending my lectures at conferences and educational seminars. My appreciation for the love and respect you foster towards my person is something words alone cannot describe. Finally, I would like to congratulate my fellow influencers of 2022. May you continue to inspire others and be a shining beacon of light in the field of education. #education #success #grateful

Speaking for Young Learners

Teaching young learners how to speak is no easy task. It’s actually one of the greatest challenges both students and teachers must face together. Finding the courage to speak in front of the other students, while also using the correct pronunciation is in itself a huge undertaking. When will the student be able to start a conversation in class while also feeling confident in doing so? Techniques concerning external stimuli, as well as practical methods of influencing a young learner’s mind to develop his thought into verbal communication will be presented and assessed, leading to confident and fluent speakers of the language.