Students’ Corner – The Cultural Gap


The Cultural Gap

by Joanna F.

Nowadays, society has proven that with modern evolution, people can change the world. However, due to this evolution there is a huge cultural gap between generations and traditions that come into conflict with deeply ingrained notions of the past.

To begin with, phones, computers and other electronical devices in general, have come into our lives and changed the way we think and comfort ourselves. This is something that only new generations can comprehend. Due to this matter, elderly individuals somteimes reproach this new development and cannot be part of it. One good idea would be to recommend the local community to build special facilities such as educational institutions where they can be trained by I.T. teachers. By doing this, not only will they be able to use technological devices, but they will also stop depreciating it.

Furthermore, another major problem is traditions and customs. Adolescents these days seem to know nothing about them, either because they are not interested in doing so, or because their families do not follow them anymore. Additionally, traditions have changed a lot, considering the past and that sometimes brings confrontation betwen adults and young individuals. This is when the elderly can help. Grandchildren can go to their grandparents and question them about old customs that used to apply back then.

Taking everything into consideration, I think that to bring generations to a mutual understanding, communication and knowledge exchange would be the ideal solution. What people should do, is to try to learn the new ideals and beliefs of society, so that they can integrate them in their lives harmoniously.

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