Students’ Corner – You Are What You Eat…


You Are What You Eat…

by Keida M.

Humanity is usually divided when it comes down to what we consume. Vegetables, meat, dairy products are all options, however, what each and every one of us consumes is strictly our own personal prerogative. Below, we will explore how vital vegetariansim or consuming meat can be for several factors with contrasting views.

Research conducted has shown that a significant portion of the population in advanced countries that does not follow a vegeterian lifestyle can have a detrimental contribution to starvation in these societies, as a large amount of cereal crops can be used, not to breed animals but to supply people with food. This can result in several environmental issues such as the increase in greenhouse gases and the usage of aqua replies.

Moreover, it has been both scientifically and archaeologically proven that ever since pre-historic times, mankind would ingest meat, which brought about the aptness of the mind and brain development. We can unequivocally claim that consuming meat is the norm. We cannot deny that both parties’ eating habits can bring some very desirable effects, not only to one’s health, but also to an environmental extent. There is no doubt in my mind though, that devouring a well-cooked piece of meat is irreplaceable.

All things considered, the topic about whether consuming meat is beneficial, should be reassesed as we cannot deny that we humans are omnivores and that meat is essential to our health.

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