Authoring Myths and Realities with Katherine Reilly

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This is an episode from ‘Survival Strategies in TEFL’ by show host Dimitris Primalis. My gratitude for his kind invitation to speak on his LinkedIn Audio Event Series. Episode Description: “ELT Publishers have made great strides in producing innovative material to facilitate the comprehension and delivery of the English Language. Writing a textbook, however, is a complex procedure, one which entails a multitude of factors and research to achieve the desired result. How is a textbook written? What is the thought process that guides such an endeavor and what is the criteria to choosing the proper ELT books for your students?”

Essentials to the New Michigan ECPE Writing

It is common knowledge that English assessment examinations are constantly revised to keep them up to date with the latest research in language teaching and learning. Michigan Proficiency exams are no exception as the writing segment has been reconstructed to include more complex elements such as infographics, while also adding two new writing formats, that of the proposal and article.

Join us as we focus on these new inclusions and practice strategies which will facilitate the transition to this new exam evaluation format.

The webinar will focus on the following aspects:

  • Deciphering and expansion of infographics
  • Proper approaches to compiling a proposal
  • Strategies to writing a compelling article

Presentation time: 60 minutes

Cost: Free