Lifelong Learning & Educators

Is there really a time when our studies are over? Do we even have the luxury of dedicating ourselves to expanding our horizons? ‘Lifelong Learning & Educators’ is my latest article in this June’s issue of ELT NEWS. Many thanks to Anastasia Spyropoulou for the feature. Subscribe at:

Can we bring back an extinct species?

Dig into how scientists are attempting to revive the functionally extinct northern white rhino through artificial reproduction.

In the savannahs of Kenya, two female northern white rhinos, Nájin and Fatu, munch contentedly on grass. They are the last two known northern white rhinos left on Earth. Their species is functionally extinct— without a male, they can’t reproduce. And yet, there’s still hope to revive the northern white rhino. How can that be? Jan Stejskal dives into the science of reviving a dying species.