Student’s Corner – The Mark of a New Generation

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Photo – Helena Lopes (Pexels)

The Mark of a New Generation

by Sotiria Z.

In any discussion about the future, one will encounter both pessimistic and optimistic views. Pessimists will say that we are doomed. On the contrary, I firmly believe that my generation will not be any better, nor worse.

It would not be unreasonable to support that during the next few years, we will be overwhelmed with climate change and advanced technology. Considering that climate change is a serious issue today, I cannot imagine what will happen in the next few years. Furthermore, technology today is used every day for our own convenience without any danger, but scientists have said that in eight years from now, technology will be much more advanced, as robots and complicated machines will replace humans in different working places to name a few examples.

The most important qualities of my generation are our critical thinking, determination and creativity. These are the reasons why I believe that we will overcome most issues. Determination is the reason we will not stop trying and critical thinking in conjunction with a bit of creativity, will help us find the best solution possible.

Taking everything into consideration, climate change and advanced technology may sound difficult to deal with, but I rely on my generation’s abilities and I have faith in them. We will solve every problem which will get in our way.

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