Don’t Fear the New School Year, Embrace it!


by Katherine Reilly

Each year, September is literally a time which stresses teachers, parents and students alike, as it is the beginning of a new period in their lives in which all aforementioned parties must adjust to their newly assigned daily routines. Those lazy summer mornings are now a thing of the past; families try to keep up with their schedules, teachers are still trying to learn all their kids’ names and above all, everyone has to play their part for a productive school year to come to fruition.

Each party must play an important role, in order to achieve a sense of harmony that will now be everyone’s daily routine for the following nine months…

Parents should focus their attention on their kids’ schedules. In most cases, a child has extracurricular activities and being prompt with all obligations, greatly depends on the parents’ capacity to properly synchronize them. One obligation which proves to be the most challenging, is not overburdening their kids with so many things to do and finding the correct balance needed to juggle studying and everything else they do. Coordination is the key word here as it will prove the most important factor for their child’s capability to adhere to this school year’s demands.

Students on the other hand will, and should, socialize with their peers, forging new relationships and of course friendships which could last a lifetime. The key here is not to get too carried away, as they should always prioritize their responsibilities, without disregarding personal time for themselves which is undoubtedly an essential ingredient for a child’s well-being.

Teachers finally, play the most integral part, as both their influence and leadership skills in class, will prove essential in forging a young learner’s mind, while also offering him the unique perspective needed to judge and handle issues not only concerning school, but everyday obstacles as well.

In a nutshell, a new school year is not something to fear, but should be embraced for all unique social and educational opportunities offered. With proper coordination and above all dedication, it could prove to be not only an integral part of a child’s life, but perhaps the most important.

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