Getting Children Back to School During COVID-19


Photo by August de Richelieu from Pexels

Helping children transition back into the routine of school is not going to be easy. Routines have been shattered. There is plenty to worry about, and the new normal feels anything but “business as usual.” Add to this children’s sensitivity to the feelings of their caregivers, both teachers and parents, and we are about to toss our children into a simmering pot of stress that could raise their anxiety and leave them harmed for years to come.

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The Value of a Positive Student-Teacher Relationship in Class


by Katherine Reilly

If one were to ask you, what are the most vivid recollections you might have of your childhood, in most cases the answer would likely concern your school years and the relationship you had with your teacher. The impact this bond can have on an individual is without a doubt the most inspiring and everlasting in your life.

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Don’t Fear the New School Year, Embrace it!


by Katherine Reilly

Each year, September is literally a time which stresses teachers, parents and students alike, as it is the beginning of a new period in their lives in which all aforementioned parties must adjust to their newly assigned daily routines. Those lazy summer mornings are now a thing of the past; families try to keep up with their schedules, teachers are still trying to learn all their kids’ names and above all, everyone has to play their part for a productive school year to come to fruition.

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