Being a Teacher and Loving It!

Super Proud of my Kids

After a tiring day at school, I get out of my car with 2 bags of books in one hand, while holding my students’ tests closely to my chest in the other. I awkwardly attempt to unlock my apartment door but fail miserably as my belongings slowly slip out of my hands.

Books and papers fall on the floor as I make one more attempt at unlocking the door. I’m home at last! Now, to get to work again!

The first thing I do is prepare a warm mug of chocolate milk, turn on my computer and check my books. Have to start correcting those essays and tests as quickly as possible.

Rule number one of being a teacher. Never neglect to correct your kids’ homework. It’ll just pile up as if someone cloned it. Sounds silly? If you’re a teacher, you know what I’m talking about.

Rule number two of being a teacher. Prepare tomorrow’s lesson along with some extra activities. It’s completely irresponsible to have a class and not know what you’re teaching the next day. If you can’t comprehend how important this is, then you should find another job.

Rule number three of being a teacher. Your students are also your kids. They need support, attention and above all, unconditional love. A teacher is a parent in many ways. How many times have I had to help my kids out with their lunch, or comfort them when they feel sick, or apply band aids when they get hurt during recess, or give them a hug when they need it, or try to encourage and comfort them when they start crying when they feel sad and… the list goes on.

I usually get sick during September, October, February and April. Despite everything, I keep on going and continue my corrections no matter what.

I sometimes have to reprimand my kids when they are noisy or are disrespectful in class. This usually breaks my heart.

I have to work on weekends for hours and hours especially during examination period or at the end of a term when I have to give my children their grades.

So, the question which must be pondering your mind is…


The answer is simple… I love my students.

I am touched when they enter the classroom and hug me.

My heart is full of joy when they say I am beautiful – even after 5 hours of correcting their homework.

I feel overwhelmed when they bring me little gifts like drawings or even flowers (can’t say no to flowers!)

I consider it an honor when my high school students look up to me as a role model and in many cases want to be like me.

I am humbled when parents thank me for my love and devotion to their children.

Finally, I am proud that I helped the next generation learn something new, as it is my legacy to them.


I can’t think of a better job than the one I have now and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I never had kids of my own, but thankfully I have more than I can count.

Watching my kids grow up and achieving their goals in life is a privilege.

Thank you for making me a proud teacher. It’s an honor to be by your side.


Ms. Katherine – Your English Teacher

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