How to Teach When You’re Sick


by Katherine Reilly

If you’re a teacher and you are reading this article, you’ve definitely been in the difficult position of teaching while effortlessly blowing your nose and trying to keep the lesson going at all costs, no matter what.

Whether it’s a sense of obligation, or plain and simple love for our students, a teacher’s job comes with a lot of sacrifices. However, where do we draw the line and what is the best approach when coming down with a fever without abandoning our duties?


Admittedly, we should stay in bed and try to recover, as we in turn might spread germs to others. Nevertheless, the problems which occur due to our absence, require us to work more than if you just suffer through it.

So, what is the best way to handle a situation like this? Here is some advice…

  • Sleeping early or immediately after lesson is a great way to gain your strength. You can correct your student’s tests some other day when you start feeling better.


  • Eat well and drink a lot of warm beverages. You need to re-energize your body!


  • Don’t neglect your medication. We’re teachers! We have to set the good example to others. Being punctual with our medicine will help us recover more quickly and alleviate most of our suffering.


  • Prepare your lesson accordingly. Revision exercises and individual projects are the best way to go. By assigning students these activities, you can put less effort in class and have them all corrected when you are back to your full potential.


  • Hand Sanitizers must be used all the time. Items that you share with your students in class are prone to germ contamination. Try not to spread what you have to others.


In a nutshell, when the fever hits – and it will – follow these simple steps, be patient and don’t forget, getting sick isn’t the end of the world. For those of you suffering as we speak, I wish you a fast and full recovery!

Take care,


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