Students’ Corner – The Impact of Television

Photo by Ksenia Chernaya from Pexels

by Katerina T. (age: 14)

Tuesday, 15th December 2020

Over the past ten years or so, television has become an integral part of our lives. It provides informative programs, as well as programs to occupy young children, such as shows and series. It is my firm belief that television has gained so much sway on our daily lives that we are no longer in control of the amount of time we spend on it and especially when it comes to our children.

TV is an effective way to calm young children down but its content is not always suitable for them to watch. Since it is on for long periods of time, then disturbing shows, containing violence and insults might be watched by young and innocent children. Those insults are then absorbed and lead them, in older ages, to riots and improper behavior. To alleviate the situation parents should monitor the programs watched by their children.

It goes without saying that kids should be occupied with more informative and creative ways than watching television. They should be playing around with toys, drawing or for older kids, starting a new hobby, such as a language or a sport, would be a good idea. There is, in addition, one further point to make. Children exposed to TV for hours on end, are not only addicted but also harm their eyes and health. Were the parents to limit the time spent on TV, the situation would doubtless improve.

It should not be forgotten that most children’s programs are especially designed to fulfill the informative needs. However, the possibility of them coming into unsuitable programs should be born in mind, notwithstanding. The burden of responsibility then, lies in the hands of parent’s willingness to oversee their children.

The obvious conclusion to be drawn is that television is only helpful to people older than young children. They are able to be impeccably occupied with more creative ways and also be exposed to healthier stimuli. The prospects for new generations will be bleak unless my proposal is overheard.

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