Students’ Corner – The Benefits and Turmoils of Credit Card Use


The Benefits and Turmoils of Credit Card Use

by Mary M.

Every now and then, a variety of researches demonstrate the increasement which is discerned about the number of residents who use credit cards. Nowadays, credit cards are known as the possession of a human being. I am inclined to believe that credit cards’ creation is the appropriate way to make our transactions today.

To begin with, the main advantage of buying on creditis that it is convenient and easy to use. There is no need to go to the bankor your nearest ATM for a withdrawal every other day. Money is at the ready, just be keeping your credit card in your wallet, as almost every store or business accepts them nowadays.

Furthermore, in recent years, people from all walks of life resort to tax evasion. It has been observed that the majority of people deceive the government by introducing themselves as thrifty citizens, who do not have the tendency to spend a lot of money. In addition, there are cases where entrepreneurs buy off their customers. SPecifically, there is a prevailance of negotiation, in which the owner does not give a receipt, which in turn benefits the customer by fifty percent of his shopping. It is a common situation observed in society today. However, thanks to the presence of credit cards, this phenomenon is not witnessed as much.

It must be conceded, however, that credit cards have some notable limitations as well. More and more people are sceptical about the fact that there is no privacy in credit card use. Your personal information can be stolen, be it your credit card number or a statement with all your personal details. Using this information, they can pretend to be you, and charge your card for purchases you have never made.

All things considered, when exercised with caution, the credit card can be constituted as a really helpful and salutary invention. Therefore, the proper qualifications are essential in making humanity even better.

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