Webinar – Students of the Pandemic

After enduring recessions, a pandemic and major retcons in education, both educators and students are called upon to adhere to their respective roles, be it in the classroom or on camera. The challenges posed by our present predicament will test our capabilities in the academic field via experimentation of new scholastic approaches, the fostering of critical thought and the motivation to help our students build personal identities that will positively impact their welfare and progress.
To this end, the webinar will focus on the following approaches:
• Empowerment of students via various forms of engagement.
• Unconventional approaches to spark interest and stimulate participation.
• Experimenting and reflecting on what works and what doesn’t.
• Tailoring the lesson to the students’ needs.
Registration fee: 20€ https://bit.ly/38SaoDV by ELT NEWS 

3rd Online Foreign Languages Forum

See you at the 3rd Online Foreign Languages Forum on Sunday 12 September, on teaching young learners how to write. Writing is a meticulous task which requires our unwavering devotion to detail, as it is considered by many to be the culmination of a multitude of well-developed language skills.

Visit www.flforum.gr for more information.

Lifelong Learning & Educators

Is there really a time when our studies are over? Do we even have the luxury of dedicating ourselves to expanding our horizons? ‘Lifelong Learning & Educators’ is my latest article in this June’s issue of ELT NEWS. Many thanks to Anastasia Spyropoulou for the feature. Subscribe at: eltnews.gr