Two Hundred Scholarships for Refugees in Greece


The U.S. Embassy in Athens, in collaboration with Deree – The American College of Greece, the American College of Thessaloniki – Anatolia College, and Perrotis College – American Farm School, announces the program “Education Unites: From Camp to Campus” that will provide higher education scholarships to 100 eligible refugees in Athens, and 100 in Thessaloniki.

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Let’s Get Things Rolling…

370 SunsetI think it’s time we got acquainted. My name is Katherine and I’m an English Teacher, an Author and  a volunteer at the Immigrant/Refugee School of Athens. I love reading books, watching films and walking barefoot on the beach. One of the things I can’t live without are my students. They always make me smile and I feel privileged to be by their side.

I give speeches and lectures at Universities, Colleges and NGOs concerning Human Rights. As my father once told me, ‘Every human being, was born to a mother. We are all equal’. Truer words have never been spoken. See you around, we have a lot of things to talk about.