It’s Time to Motivate Your Students!

by Katherine Reilly – Teacher Trainer and Author

It’s common knowledge that the responsibilities of a teacher, both in and out of class are not only numerous but require a great deal of effort to fulfill. Correcting papers, preparing next day’s lesson and the most important of all, supporting your students.

Now, ‘support’ can be interpreted in multiple ways. Encouraging your students when they have a bad day, establishing ourselves as emotional pillars when they feel discouraged and most importantly… motivating them to acknowledge and reach their true potential. However, one would wonder, is this feasible, especially during these troubling times we are all going through?

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Steampunk, Reminiscence and Victorian Love

by Katherine Reilly

Are you a Victorian-era enthusiast? Do you feel overwhelmed when coming across inventions which are out of the ordinary? How about a sense of dress, which is inspired by a romantic era of history, albeit at the same time heavily influenced by technological advancements and elements of science fiction? Caught your attention yet?

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