Authoring Myths and Realities with Katherine Reilly

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This is an episode from ‘Survival Strategies in TEFL’ by show host Dimitris Primalis. My gratitude for his kind invitation to speak on his LinkedIn Audio Event Series. Episode Description: “ELT Publishers have made great strides in producing innovative material to facilitate the comprehension and delivery of the English Language. Writing a textbook, however, is a complex procedure, one which entails a multitude of factors and research to achieve the desired result. How is a textbook written? What is the thought process that guides such an endeavor and what is the criteria to choosing the proper ELT books for your students?”

Speaking for Young Learners

Teaching young learners how to speak is no easy task. It’s actually one of the greatest challenges both students and teachers must face together. Finding the courage to speak in front of the other students, while also using the correct pronunciation is in itself a huge undertaking. When will the student be able to start a conversation in class while also feeling confident in doing so? Techniques concerning external stimuli, as well as practical methods of influencing a young learner’s mind to develop his thought into verbal communication will be presented and assessed, leading to confident and fluent speakers of the language.