The Young and the Restless

Teaching a Junior Class for the First Time

Video Credits Max Fischer

by Katherine Reilly, Author | Teacher Trainer

Originally published by ELT NEWS, July 2022

It’s their first day of school, as your new pupils rush to their seats in anticipation of what they are going to do. Some are timider than the rest, while others literally have no clue as to the logic of their presence there. You can see the curiosity on their faces as to why they should attend yet another learning environment. The boldest of the bunch would eventually engage in small talk, or in some cases, fiddle with the items so eloquently displayed around them. Before long, the group is acquainted to its surroundings and that’s when you enter the classroom. Dead silence prevails and that awkward feeling of apprehension starts to sink in. You can literally feel the anticipation building up as their tiny eyes pierce through you. Careful what you do next; it will determine the outcome of the entire school year. You smile, introduce yourself, ask your students’ names and engage in a game.

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Speaking for Young Learners

Teaching young learners how to speak is no easy task. It’s actually one of the greatest challenges both students and teachers must face together. Finding the courage to speak in front of the other students, while also using the correct pronunciation is in itself a huge undertaking. When will the student be able to start a conversation in class while also feeling confident in doing so? Techniques concerning external stimuli, as well as practical methods of influencing a young learner’s mind to develop his thought into verbal communication will be presented and assessed, leading to confident and fluent speakers of the language.

Collaborative Learning

Collaborative Learning has proven its worth as an essential aspect of modern education. Join us at the FLF and find out how CL can enhance a young learner’s performance via mutual collaboration with one’s peers, not only in the academic field, but also on a social level. Visit for more information on all sessions and register for free! #expresspublishing #collaborativelearning