E Class? Who Cares! Let’s Just Skip over to Lower!

By Katherine Reilly, Author, Teacher Trainer

Originally Published in ELT NEWS Magazine.

Since its conception, the CEFR (Common European Framework) has offered a reference for languages as regards learning, teaching and assessment. This has established a solid, yet immense network of services comprised of educators, publications and of course exam evaluation leading to the eventual certification of competency as regards the target language and level. What baffled most, however, was the diversity of each language as the CEFR in some instances failed to properly represent the complexity of levels they had to offer. Students, parents, even educators are perplexed as to the existence of the B1+ level, some calling it Pre-Lower, Preliminary E’, Intermediate E’ – yes it gets even more confusing… bear with me.  “Why not just skip it and start working on B2?” many have pondered this question.

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