Good Grief! Yet Another Article on Grammar & Vocabulary?

By Katherine Reilly, Author, Teacher Trainer

Originally Published in ELT NEWS Magazine.

Grammar and Vocabulary are deemed by many as the cornerstones of language learning. Although this claim does have merit, as these two elements will establish a sound foundation to build upon, both educators and students alike must also acknowledge the fact that there is a broader picture to examine. What about productive skills like writing or speaking? Not to mention receptive ones such as reading and listening? Focusing exclusively on enhancing specific facets will prove detrimental in the long run – not to mention boring. If a balance is struck between all aspects of a language, then the result will most certainly reward the learner, bringing him one step closer to achieving his goal. To this end, grammar and vocabulary must be implemented in such a way, as to inspire the learner and stimulate his approach in a constructive manner; one which will enable him to master the language more effectively.

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