Supplementary Material in ELT: Is it really worth the trouble?

By Katherine Reilly, Author, Teacher Trainer

Originally Published in ELT NEWS Magazine

It is the first day of a new school year and your students have just unveiled their shiny new books. As they eagerly flip through the pages to familiarize themselves with the characters and feel of the book, you prompt them to turn to the first lesson and get things going. A few moments later, the enthusiasm on everyone’s faces slowly drifts away and is replaced with that of disappointment and an immediate loss of interest. What’s the matter you might ask? The students aren’t responding to the demands of the target material. Simply put… they find it too difficult. A couple of lessons are more than enough for a scholar to pinpoint what a student lacks, that which prevents him from comprehending and utilizing the elements of the language he will be exposed to throughout the grade. As educators, it falls upon us to deduce what proper support is required to make it feasible for our students to live up to the challenges set before them. The question though remains; is it worth investing our valuable time in extra educational material?

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Teaching Adult Classes? No Way!

By Katherine Reilly, Author, Teacher Trainer

Originally Published in ELT NEWS Magazine.

Throughout our professional teaching careers, we have at some point received a form of criticism as regards our efficiency in class. Be it the quality of our work or even a comment which could be misinterpreted. Such was the case during my early years as an educator, as I was still wet behind the ears and was assigned to teach my first adult class. Admittedly, I had my reservations as I was already aware of the fact that the mindset of an adult differs dramatically to that of a young learner as regards motivation, dedication as well as commitment to one’s duties. One of my adult students had a tendency to arrive late in class and on most occasions, failed to deliver the tasks assigned.

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