My New Publications – 18 Readers for Young Learners of the English Language

It’s with great pleasure that I’d like to share another great professional success of my career. 18 new books which have been written with great care and love for young learners of the English language. The content of the books not only focuses on telling a story but encourages critical thinking by adopting the acknowledged learning skills of the 21st century, focusing on values, moral lessons and respect towards all people. I wish you all the best in health and look forward to reading my new books. For any information or order, visit the publishing website or call (+30) 210 212 0800

How to Become a Writer


by Katherine Reilly

A few days ago, one of my students told me that when she grows up, she wants to become a writer like me. I was honored by her heartwarming confession. Being a positive role model for someone and in this case my students, is not something to be taken lightly. When a person looks up to you, it’s not only a privilege, but also an obligation to help him in any way you can.

So, what makes you a writer, and a good one at that? There are no rules that you must follow to achieve this, however, some of my personal experience might help you.

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