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Katherine Reilly was born in Chicago, Illinois and has studied English literature. She has been teaching for the last fifteen years at Language Schools in Greece. She is an official examiner for universities such as Cambridge and Michigan, for various certificates in English.

She has contributed to the development of books, concerning the preparation of students for English exams, for various publishers in Greece, and has offered her voice to the listening segments of these tests.

As a Spokeswoman, she has given speeches to raise awareness concerning diversity, equal rights and bullying in all its forms. Katherine is an active contributor to humanitarian aid as a teacher for both refugee and impoverished children.

As an author, she has been writing for the past few years, due to her love for books and her admiration for films and comics.

Another line of work she holds in high regards is modeling, through which she expresses her femininity. Her style is elegant, chic and passionate.

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