TED Ed Lessons Worth Sharing

One of the joys of modern technology is being able to share lessons, ideas and thoughts with students and teachers around the Globe. TED-Ed allows you to do just that, making learning a revolutionary experience.

TED-Ed offers a set of tools that allow you to create interactive lesson pages around great YouTube video content.

You can also use any of the sample lessons in the public lesson library with your students. To do this, visit any of the lesson pages that you’re interested in, and use the “Customize This Lesson” button at the bottom right to copy the lesson to your account. Keep any of the content that you like, or feel free to add your own!

When you publish your copy of the lesson, you’ll receive a link to your customized copy of the lesson – share this with your students to track their work.

You can manage the lessons you’ve created, return to editing your drafts, or access student work at any time by visiting your lesson activity page.

Visit the following links to get better acquainted with this magnificent educational platform and don’t hesitate to share your own material with others. Education is everyone’s privilege!

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TED-Ed Official Site

TED-Ed Lessons

TED-Ed Videos

How do I Create a Lesson Page on TED-Ed?



Source: TED-Ed

2 Replies to “TED Ed Lessons Worth Sharing”

  1. I love Ted-Ed talks. One day I had a lesson with my 2 class, they had to bring in a very big essay that none of them had time to finish so I showed them this talk

    It’s amazing how they all related to this… 🙂

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