Choosing the Best Career


by Katherine Reilly

Here it is… the question which ponders everyone’s mind before adulthood. What career should I choose? How simple a decision is this? Should it be taken lightly? Are we overthinking it?

To be honest, this is a life decision which should be carefully examined. However, it’s not something that should stress you out. The secret is to carefully organize your thoughts and follow a few simple steps.

Evaluate your qualifications

Make a list of all the things you’re good at. No matter how ‘silly’ this might seem to you, it would make a whole difference in the world. Be it painting, singing, dancing, computer fluency… anything that defines who you are. Focus on all your qualities and ask yourself, “Which one of these talents can I further improve? Can I use these abilities to pursue a career?” Trust me, this will help you focus more on the things YOU can do.


Make a list of jobs you might find interesting.

The rule is to write down a number of jobs you have considered; jobs which are associated with your skills and interests. This will help you focus your attention on a shorter list while excluding other occupations which might distract you. Don’t exclude any occupations which seem far-fetched or impossible to master. That’s underestimating yourself. The key to success is to never give up and work hard on anything we put our heart and soul into.

The most important factor you must take into consideration is the financial one. Can you comply to those tuition fees? One must strategically plan his every move which means saving money and possibly finding a part time job to cover these expenses. No one said going to college or university is easy, however, the benefits we reap after enduring all these hardships are well worth the effort.

Narrowing your list

This is the fun part. Think to yourself, “Will I be happy doing this job for the rest of my life? What future prospects will I have? How many hours should I dedicate to it per day? Are there any chances of furthering my education down the line via this job?” You’ll be surprised how many occupations you’ll cross out after answering these questions.


Get some feedback from people who already have the job you desire.

You’ve narrowed it down to a few selections by now. What’s next? Start interviewing friends or acquaintances who have chosen the career you are considering. By experiencing first hand how it is to dedicate your efforts to such an employment, you will more or less reach your final decision. Ask them how they feel, what the workload is and actually visit their working environment. This can definitely clear things up.

You’re almost there to making that final decision.

What if I choose poorly?

There is no right or wrong. One of the most beautiful things about being a human being is our ability to improve ourselves and adapt to new situations. As an avid supporter of Lifelong Learning, I advocate the pursuit of new knowledge and why not, a new career choice. If the career you originally chose doesn’t satisfy you anymore, you can always follow a new path while feeling rejuvenated in the process. Life is an endless circle of change. Don’t be afraid of trying something new.


Choosing a career shouldn’t be considered a burden, but an opportunity at discovering who you really are. Take your time, evaluate your skills, do some research and when the time comes, you will make the first important step in your life no matter what the decision may be.

Best of luck,


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